Meet the Team - Jackie Boulton

Friday, January 7, 2022

This is your chance to meet the team behind Paul Fosh Auctions & Lettings. We take great pride in our team and would like to give you the chance to get to know the people behind what makes our business succeed. And what better way than a series of quick-fire questions to find out who they actually are

Next up; our fabulous Property Assistant – Jackie Boulton


Full name

Jackie. But full Jacqueline Amanda Boulton (only used when I’m naughty!!)


What do you do at Paul Fosh?

Admin assistant to 2 valuers.


Best thing about working at Paul Fosh?

The Paul Fosh family


Something in your role/industry that you have to deal with that you’d like to change/fix?

Be warm in the office in the winter


What would be your dream job?

Own & work at a cattery


Biggest pet peeve?

Not changing the empty toilet roll


What would the name of your autobiography be called?

The next Jackie Chan!!


If you could learn a skill, what would it be?

Bake a cake that rises!


Your favourite quote

Everything has a place


If you were on Mastermind, what would your chosen subject be?

How to embarrass your kids


Find out more about Jackie by visiting our Meet the Team page

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