We Have Launched a Lettings Service!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you may already have heard the news, but if not, we're super pleased to announce that we now offer a lettings service in the form of Paul Fosh Lettings!

Lettings have always been a potential goal of ours but due to the market being pretty flooded, we wanted to make sure we had the right model in place before we threw our hat in the ring.

Due to the nature of auctions, it seems to be a natural progression moving into the lettings sector, and our main aim is to offer the full package to potential landlords: Sell, Buy, Rent.

To ensure Paul Fosh Lettings got off on the right foot, it was imperative that we had the best person in place to run it, and that person is Adrian Smith. Adrian is an expert in the property lettings field and comes onboard with a vast amount of knowledge and experience, having spent 35 years in the property sector. Having previously run the lettings department for Roberts & Co. and Peter Alan, it's fair to say Adrian knows a thing or two about the industry.

"I have been responsible for over 1150 fully managed landlord properties and I see a great opportunity ahead for landlords that want to shape a service specific to their personal needs", said Adrian.

"Whether larger portfolios or individual first-time investors, we are uniquely placed to offer a speedy service, to match the high demand for rental properties in our locality. The market is changing so fast, that you need to be able to capture all the legislation and ensure that you are maximising your returns on your investment."

"South Wales is definitely a place to be with great value properties, strongly supported with the influence of the Severn Bridge toll being removed and businesses investing in the area."

Paul Fosh, Managing Director, said "Paul Fosh Auctions has grown year on year since it was established some 18 years ago. We are by far the largest auction house in Wales and have a very large following of buyers and sellers. We have decided to launch a property lettings and management company, as we know that there is such a strong synergy between the two businesses."

"Investors who we have helped through the auction process have been asking us to offer this service and provide a 'one-stop-shop' solution. Having Adrian at the helm means that we have a senior member of staff who has experience in building up and then managing a sizeable property management portfolio. I'm really excited at the prospect and can't wait to get really started."

If you would like any information on our new lettings service, you can contact Adrian on 07940 350545 or adrian@paulfoshlettings.com.

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