Property Sourcing

Find your ideal investment property in South Wales or the South West with our expert property sourcing team

What is property sourcing?

Property sourcing is the process of finding, analysing, and negotiating property deals for your personal use or selling them to investors. Our Property Sourcers have a deep knowledge of the local property market and a network of contacts that allow them to find off-market deals or deals that are not widely advertised.

Our Property Sourcing service can help investors to find properties that meet their specific investment criteria, such as budget, location, and type of property. We can also help investors to negotiate the best possible price and terms on a property purchase.

Property sourcing can be a valuable service for investors who do not have the time or expertise to find and purchase properties on their own. It can also be a good option for investors who are looking to invest in a new market or who are looking for off-market deals.

How does property sourcing work?

A property sourcing agent will actively seek out properties on your behalf. Properties are sourced subject to your specific needs – whether you are an individual investor or a large developer. Our job as Property Sourcers is two-fold.

  • To take the hassle out of property searching and find deals that you would otherwise not be aware of and
  • To add value for our service by negotiating below market value deals on your behalf

The benefits of using a property sourcing service

Aside from the obvious advantage of saving you time and money by finding and researching properties on your behalf, you can also trust us to negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price and terms.

We can also help you avoid making costly mistakes. For example, by identifying properties that may have hidden defects or that may be located in areas with poor rental yields.

With our deep knowledge of the local property market and network of contacts that allows us to find off-market deals and deals that are not widely advertised, using our property sourcing service is a valuable investment for investors who are serious about building a successful property portfolio.

Our property sourcing process

As a property sourcing client, you will be sent details of properties that meet your specification as they become available. On occasion, properties will be sent to more than one client and in these instances, there may need to be an element of “first come, first served”. But in time, the more we can tailor your requirements, the more we can try to find properties just for you.

After you have expressed an interest in a property and paid a small holding fee, we will undertake some due diligence on your behalf and present a report to you outlining the property’s condition and our estimate of the correct price to buy it. Our report will also include a realistic rental figure (that Paul Fosh Lettings will confirm) and a schedule of works that we believe are necessary to refurbish for re-sale or rental (if required). The full commission only becomes payable when contracts are exchanged in the purchase of the property.

Buying to let?

When you source with us, you get also access to our experience in the lettings sector. Paul Fosh Lettings offers a comprehensive suite of services that will help you maximise your investment's potential.

From tenant sourcing and screening to property maintenance and rent collection, our team of dedicated professionals will ensure that your buy-to-let property is not only a profitable investment but also a hassle-free one.

Property Sourcing FAQ

How much does property sourcing cost?

Our sourcing agent will charge clients a commission/fee for sourcing properties. This fee is charged instead of a fee charged to sellers. We will never charge a fee to a sourcing client if we are receiving a fee from the seller of a property. This way, a clear boundary is set as to who our client is and whose interests we are acting.

What types of properties do you source?

We can source a wide range of properties including, but not limited to:

  • Residential properties, such as houses, apartments, and flats
  • Commercial properties, such as offices, shops, and warehouses
  • Industrial properties, such as factories and warehouses
  • Land for development

How long does it take to find a property?

On average, it can take us anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to source the right property. In some cases, it may take longer, especially if your criteria are very specific or if the market is very competitive. If you are looking for a speedy transaction, there are things you can do to help things along such as being flexible with your criteria and being as responsive as possible so that a competitive opportunity doesn’t pass you by. 

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